Custom Circus Invitations - Happy BEARthday!

We were recently asked to design custom circus-themed invitations for a 2 year-old’s birthday who loves bears.  They wanted a vintage feel with a muted color palette - although we did add splashy turquoise envelopes to make them a bit more festive. 

The wrap-over labels have a vintage carnival poster image which we also used as a full bleed on the back of the invite.  Craft-loving, design nerds that we are, we then duplexed the cards and stub-cut the corners.  GLUE STICKS!

A Very Alfie Cooper Wedding

Dan & GaryAs a graphic designer, I was really intimidated at the thought of tackling the design for my own wedding.  With all of the invitations I’d designed before, the plethora of ideas bookmarked or pinned on Pinterest, and the input of my fiancé (why does he get a say?), I found it all a bit daunting.  We knew we wanted it to be as unique as we were, classy yet quirky.  Being two guys, we wanted something masculine but also beautiful.   We had so many ideas floating around, we were overwhelmed…so we decided to simplify.  We looked at the elements we knew were set: we’re two men, wearing suits, in a turn-of-the-century iron and steel foundry.  All of our ideas sprang from there.

Alfie Cooper Haberdashery InviteOur invitation (an Alfie Cooper Pocket invite), incorporated men’s suiting material and old-timey graphic icons like the two bowler hats seen above on our FYI card.

Escort CardsWe were so happy with the men’s suiting theme that we incorporated it throughout the wedding.  Guests found their escort cards clipped to neckties, all of which Dan and I had worn to other weddings. Each table had napkins and table squares made of assorted suiting fabrics.  This was an element we knew we wanted early on in the planning process, and since we couldn’t actually find napkins made out of men’s suits, we made them ourselves.  Yep.  We’re pretty badass.

Centerpieces & Table NumbersWhen it came to flowers for our big day, we enlisted the help of our dear friend and brilliant floral designer, Jaime Hayes. Together we created these amazing centerpieces that struck the perfect balance between wedding elegance and the vintage industrial feel that we were cultivating throughout the space.  Instead of using sequential numbers for the tables, Dan and I came up with a series of numbers that had special meaning to us.  Table 5280, for example, represented the elevation of the Mile High City; table 6* stood for the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal (the * is for Washington DC).  The numbers were displayed in vintage springs we found at the Brooklyn Flea, which just happened to be painted in our wedding color.

Activity Book & ProgramAll of our wedding collateral was visually tied together by a few favorite fonts and “logos” Dan and I created.  The double bowler hats, our silhouettes, and the letters “D & G” (including the metaphorically significant ampersand) popped up throughout our wedding weekend, and helped to pull everything together into a cohesive yet eclectic design.

All of our wedding schwag was branded, too.  From the lapel pins, to the notebooks and pencils we gave as favors, to the bags for the koufeta (a traditional Greek wedding offering) - everything had some of us on it.

Gary & Dan's Schwag!Although we were thrilled with how everything turned out, the idea that we’re most proud of was having our ceremony in the round.  Since neither of us were the “bride,” we were able to enter the space from opposite sides and meet in the middle.  We were literally surrounded by the love of all of our friends and family.  If you’re getting married and your venue can accommodate a set up like this, DO IT! It was the best decision we made that whole day (other than marrying each other, of course).

Ceremony in the round All photos by  Kat Bryant Photography

A Perfectly Perforated Response

Some may feel that cyberspace has killed the response card, but we know there are still many traditionalists out there.  While Alfie Cooper's SLIDER invites are geared toward the web-savvy couple who trust their guests to RSVP online only, we have had a slew of requests for another option.  Our dilemma was this:  if we were to place multiple cards in the SLIDER enclosure, there is no guarantee that the reveal of the picture or words in the cut out will show - like if someone only pulls out one card. So we put our heads together and this is what we came up with:

The RSVP card is a postcard that is attached to the main invitation, perforated and folded behind it.  So you rip it off and send it back!  Aha!  SOLVED!

We’re excited to offer this perforated RSVP as an option on all of the SLIDER invitations.  We’ll be updating our site soon with pictures of the individual designs, but in the meantime, check out or our etsy shop for all our latest creations. 

Better Vendors = Better Prices!

Guess what?!  Alfie Cooper is excited to report that we have been forming tried and true relationships with some awesome Denver vendors, allowing us to now offer our high-quality invitations at a more affordable price!  We know that every dollar counts when planning a wedding, so we’ve freed up a couple more bucks for our brides and grooms. Ka-ching!

Alfie Cooper's Free Bucks

Visit our website,, or our Etsy store to check out the new prices - but here’s a clue, they rhyme with “plenty percent lower.”

Please Get Gay Married

…and we will do your invites!!! 

Thank you to President Obama who “came out” a few weeks ago in support of same-sex marriage (finally)!  No thank you to states like North Carolina and Colorado who have disappointed and offended our civil rights.  SO, we at Alfie Cooper are cushioning the blow by highlighting some of our Same-Sex Wedding Invitations.  Marry who you love!!!

Our LETTER invitations are especially gay-friendly.  Each one features a logo that can easily be represented as the same or opposite sexes.

Here is a sneak peek of a brand new LETTER invite we haven’t even uploaded to our site yet.  Showcasing the beauty of the male peacock, this invite is perfect for two classy gentlemen tying the knot.

Alfie Cooper's Peacock InvitationWe would also like to share with you one of our latest creations called “Haberdashery,” a very dapper, male/male, POCKET invitation that we have just added to our site and to our Etsy page.  This is Gary’s actual wedding invitation - although you are NOT invited.

Of course, keep in mind that all of our invitations can be same-sex (just put two boy names or two girl names and hazzah!) but we do have this fun and very gay Chandelier SLIDER invite saluting a Big Gay Wedding…

Always a Bridesmaid… FINALLY a Bride!

Alfie Cooper Bridesmaid Promo
Our sympathies go out to ladies who have repeatedly and honorably served their besties by being a devoted bridesmaid over and over and over and over again.  Not that the event itself isn’t fun, the liquor isn’t free and the Coach makeup bag isn’t worth it. 

Alfie Cooper would like to extend a 20% discount to the chronic bridesmaid who has shifted into the pole position.  So listen up brides…

If you can show us that you have been a bridesmaid FIVE or more times (and God bless you, if so), we would like to gift you with half-off invitations from alfiecooper.

Here’s all you have to do…

1. Create a Facebook album proving you have been a
    bridesmaid FIVE or more times.

2.  “Like” our fan page (

3.  Post a link to your Bridesmaid album on our wall.

We look very forward to viewing your pics and to helping make things right for you.

Gary and Shayna

LMNO Posters

When my nephew Cooper was born, I wanted to create a piece of artwork for his nursery that would be both personal & creative…something that would be appropriate for a baby’s room & beyond, as he grew older and started learning his ABCs.  I decided to put my own spin on the alphabet poster…bright, whimsical, and educational!  I set about creating a list of things that were inspired by my sister and her husband, as well as the newborn baby himself.  Cooper’s dad Greg is a soccer coach—that was an easy one for S.  My sister Amanda and I share a love of avocados—another no brainer, for A.  I sketched their German Shepherd for D and their cat for C.  On & on it went, ‘til I had a set of 26 things that were special to the new family, along with a few that I just wanted to draw. (Hence…the ninja.)

I gave the poster to my sister, and it was a hit. Soon, Amanda’s friends wanted one for their nurseries, and to give as baby shower gifts.  They were the talk of the under-five set at the playground, naturally.  Based on new orders, I started to build a catalogue of more pictures per letter: a camera for C, for a shutterbug mom; s’mores for S, for a couple of camping fanatics.  Now I’ve got a burgeoning list, and it’s constantly growing…except for X & Z.  I need more of those!

With our Alfie Cooper site up & running, I’ll soon start to design what I want the LMNO Poster site to look like.  In the meantime, I’m happy to create custom alphabet posters for anyone, building on the library of letters I already have and making custom designs (for an additional fee) to suit those special cases.  Want a picture of your parakeet Polly for P? Send a picture, and I can bring it to life.  Posters made of items already in my catalogue are $100.  Special requests may be an additional fee.  Posters are designed at 24x36 inches, but can be made in any size.

Stay tuned for the launch of Alfie Cooper’s sister site soon.  In the meantime, contact me through the Alfie Cooper email address!

And, uh…got any suggestions for X?

10 Lessons for Young Designers

Gay Wedding Invitations R Us

Alfie Cooper supports marriage equality and believes all couples  - gay, straight, transgender, queer, whatever - should be allowed to marry the person they love and send appropriately gendered wedding invitations (designed by us of course).

Obviously, all of our invites can be tailored to suit any gender combination, but below are some wedding invitations we have designed specifically for same-sex couples.  We hope to add more designs soon to celebrate LGBTQ unions, so be sure to check back if you don’t see something that tickles your fancy.  Or better yet, contact us for a custom design!

Alfie Cooper's Deer Invite
Alfie Cooper's Peacock Invite
Alfie Cooper's First Dance Invite
BIKEAlfie Cooper's Bike Invite
Alfie Cooper's Chandelier Invite
Alfie Cooper's Haberdashery InviteAlfie Cooper can also design all of your day-of wedding collateral.  To see the coordinating materials for the Haberdashery invite, click here to check out photos of a debonaire pair of grooms and the design of their same-sex wedding.  (Yes, that’s designer and co-founder Gary Culig!)

FREE SHIPPING on all orders

In celebration of our launch into the cyber world, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders.  You’re welcome!  Check out to see our brand new site. 

And here’s a pic of one of our latest SLIDER designs…