LMNO Posters

When my nephew Cooper was born, I wanted to create a piece of artwork for his nursery that would be both personal & creative…something that would be appropriate for a baby’s room & beyond, as he grew older and started learning his ABCs.  I decided to put my own spin on the alphabet poster…bright, whimsical, and educational!  I set about creating a list of things that were inspired by my sister and her husband, as well as the newborn baby himself.  Cooper’s dad Greg is a soccer coach—that was an easy one for S.  My sister Amanda and I share a love of avocados—another no brainer, for A.  I sketched their German Shepherd for D and their cat for C.  On & on it went, ‘til I had a set of 26 things that were special to the new family, along with a few that I just wanted to draw. (Hence…the ninja.)

I gave the poster to my sister, and it was a hit. Soon, Amanda’s friends wanted one for their nurseries, and to give as baby shower gifts.  They were the talk of the under-five set at the playground, naturally.  Based on new orders, I started to build a catalogue of more pictures per letter: a camera for C, for a shutterbug mom; s’mores for S, for a couple of camping fanatics.  Now I’ve got a burgeoning list, and it’s constantly growing…except for X & Z.  I need more of those!

With our Alfie Cooper site up & running, I’ll soon start to design what I want the LMNO Poster site to look like.  In the meantime, I’m happy to create custom alphabet posters for anyone, building on the library of letters I already have and making custom designs (for an additional fee) to suit those special cases.  Want a picture of your parakeet Polly for P? Send a picture, and I can bring it to life.  Posters made of items already in my catalogue are $100.  Special requests may be an additional fee.  Posters are designed at 24x36 inches, but can be made in any size.

Stay tuned for the launch of Alfie Cooper’s sister site soon.  In the meantime, contact me through the Alfie Cooper email address!

And, uh…got any suggestions for X?