A Very Alfie Cooper Wedding

Dan & GaryAs a graphic designer, I was really intimidated at the thought of tackling the design for my own wedding.  With all of the invitations I’d designed before, the plethora of ideas bookmarked or pinned on Pinterest, and the input of my fiancé (why does he get a say?), I found it all a bit daunting.  We knew we wanted it to be as unique as we were, classy yet quirky.  Being two guys, we wanted something masculine but also beautiful.   We had so many ideas floating around, we were overwhelmed…so we decided to simplify.  We looked at the elements we knew were set: we’re two men, wearing suits, in a turn-of-the-century iron and steel foundry.  All of our ideas sprang from there.

Alfie Cooper Haberdashery InviteOur invitation (an Alfie Cooper Pocket invite), incorporated men’s suiting material and old-timey graphic icons like the two bowler hats seen above on our FYI card.

Escort CardsWe were so happy with the men’s suiting theme that we incorporated it throughout the wedding.  Guests found their escort cards clipped to neckties, all of which Dan and I had worn to other weddings. Each table had napkins and table squares made of assorted suiting fabrics.  This was an element we knew we wanted early on in the planning process, and since we couldn’t actually find napkins made out of men’s suits, we made them ourselves.  Yep.  We’re pretty badass.

Centerpieces & Table NumbersWhen it came to flowers for our big day, we enlisted the help of our dear friend and brilliant floral designer, Jaime Hayes. Together we created these amazing centerpieces that struck the perfect balance between wedding elegance and the vintage industrial feel that we were cultivating throughout the space.  Instead of using sequential numbers for the tables, Dan and I came up with a series of numbers that had special meaning to us.  Table 5280, for example, represented the elevation of the Mile High City; table 6* stood for the number of states where same-sex marriage is legal (the * is for Washington DC).  The numbers were displayed in vintage springs we found at the Brooklyn Flea, which just happened to be painted in our wedding color.

Activity Book & ProgramAll of our wedding collateral was visually tied together by a few favorite fonts and “logos” Dan and I created.  The double bowler hats, our silhouettes, and the letters “D & G” (including the metaphorically significant ampersand) popped up throughout our wedding weekend, and helped to pull everything together into a cohesive yet eclectic design.

All of our wedding schwag was branded, too.  From the lapel pins, to the notebooks and pencils we gave as favors, to the bags for the koufeta (a traditional Greek wedding offering) - everything had some of us on it.

Gary & Dan's Schwag!Although we were thrilled with how everything turned out, the idea that we’re most proud of was having our ceremony in the round.  Since neither of us were the “bride,” we were able to enter the space from opposite sides and meet in the middle.  We were literally surrounded by the love of all of our friends and family.  If you’re getting married and your venue can accommodate a set up like this, DO IT! It was the best decision we made that whole day (other than marrying each other, of course).

Ceremony in the round All photos by  Kat Bryant Photography